The Vision

The Vision

Desperately wanting to stay ahead of the education curve, the committee is working to replace the projection system and make other minor repairs. The planetarium committee has met to decide what the replacement system  will be and has arrived at the decision of either a Spitz projector or a Sky-Scan projector, both digital systems.  Either projector costs around $200,000 dollars to purchase for the school.  Despite the cost, a new digital projector offers numerous possibilities from expanding the astronomy class to also offer lessons in biology, chemistry, and physics under the dome.  Digital systems will allow for new creative ways of teaching utilizing the dome’s unique three-dimensional perspective to help students visualize ideas easier.  Not possible on normal chalk or white boards, the planetarium area helps students grasp concepts from all subjects of science and also lets students code new programs and videos to be displayed in a three-dimensional environment.  


New Projector

Long Term

The long-term vision is to use the planetarium for other science related topics and other subjects.

Biology:  Topics would include astrobiology, the origin of life on Earth, and other planets, cell biology, evolution.

Chemistry: Topics would include the origin of the elements, the periodic table (astronomy vs. biology vs. chemistry versions), spectroscopy, atomic structure.